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Bremas Ersce S.p.A. is formed by the merger of two well established brand names, Bremas and Ersce. These two companies are major players in the design, manufacturing and marketing of electromechanical components. With over 40 years of experience in design and manufacturing Bremas Ersce is the industrial sector leader for standard and custom control products.

A quality choice “made in Italy”

Bremas Ersce is committed to the belief that its long term success depends on its ability to fully satisfy customers’ requirements. In order to pursue such an objective Bremas Ersce manages all of the company functions in accordance with UNI EN IS09001:2008, and all products’ technical data is verified in our laboratory to ensure that they are manufactured and inspected in accordance with the most stringent standards demanded by the current legislation to guarantee performance, durability and safety.

Customer tailored solutions

Bremas Ersce has a state of the art Research and Development facility committed to new product design and to update existing products to meet customer needs. Bremas Ersce has developed a wide experience in the design and manufacturing of custom products for the industrial sector: our technicians constantly interact with the customers to develop solutions for every field of application and satisfy even the most specific requests.

A widespread coverage of every market segment

Bremas Ersce products are used in a wide range of industrial applications. These include railways, food processing, tooling and welding machinery, battery chargers, industrial and passenger elevators, automatic production lines, power tools, hydraulic pumps, electricity supply systems and panel boards. Bremas Ersce has a wide range of cam switches and switch disconnectors which are able to satisfy the most different fields of application as well as limit and safety switches, push buttons and relay sockets.