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ELETTROCANALI GROUP, with its headquarters in Scanzorosciate, at the foot of the Orobic Pre Alps has been a successful manufacturer of electrical installations systems for over 40 years.

Born from the cooperation of two pre-existing manufacturers, one in Northern and the other in Southern Italy, has been steadily growing both on the domestic and foreign markets and has become an ideal and reliable partner for consolidated and new customers.


The production and distribution facilities take up about 17.000 sqm and are located in Avellino, Osimo, Pedrengo and Scanzorosciate, where the headquarters is placed.
It is worth mentioning that the all plastic products listed in our catalogue are manufactured, assembly and packed exclusively within our Group's premises.

Thanks to modern production units complying with the latest standards and constantly upgrades, the products quality has become a central reference point of ELETTROCANALI Group, which has been working in of observance of ISO 9001 Standards for several years.